Reillard O'Bauded - daughter of Eeyore . He attends the enchanted characters
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Reillard is a girl gifted with an extraordinary imagination. There is a reason it is called by his friends " dreamer " . Often you can catch it on the fact that just swings in the clouds , which is surprised by the class a question that simply can not answer . Reillard also has a very positive attitude to the world , in contrast to his father. There also wants to follow in his footsteps to become " the next Kłapouchym " . We are happy to know new people and likes to stay with them . He has the soul of an artist , she likes to draw.

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Eeyore - a donkey , a fictional character from the world of children's books about Winnie the Pooh .

It is characterized by virtually uninterrupted anhedonia , melancholy and pessimism not uncommon . Do not be surprised when something bad happens . However, it is wise and chummy . He lives in a place called Eeyore's Gloomy corners , in a wooden hut , which often is destroyed. At the end of the nail and constantly trailed gubionego tail has a pink bow. He likes to eat thistles .

Also appears in the animated film version of Winnie the Pooh , where voiced by Peter Cullen , and in the Polish version of John Prochyra .

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Reillard is the daughter of Eeyore .


Reillard best friends are [3 ] people

This first met on the first day of school. The two found a common language , and quickly became friends . They even your roommates .

Blondie Reillard met by accident when a girl spilled her coffee on the school cafeteria . Blondie after the event to panic , but Reillard remembers them laughing. What's more , Blondie has always been fascinated by animals , which further approached the two girls .


Reillard does not have a boyfriend. Despite this , a girl like Sparrow Hood .

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