Reillard O'Baudet Edit

Eeyore daughter attends enchanted characters personality Reillard is a girl gifted with an extraordinary imagination. There is a reason it is called by his friends " dreamer " . Often you can catch it on the fact that just swings in the clouds , which is surprised by the class a question that simply can not answer . Reillard also has a very positive attitude to the world , in contrast to his father. There also wants to follow in his footsteps to become " the next Kłapouchym " . We are happy to know new people and likes to stay with them . He has the soul of an artist , she likes to draw.

Hailey Gale Edit

Daughter of the Snow Queen . He attends Enchanted characters personality Hailey is frigid girl with great temperament . She was brought up as befits a princess , which is not surprising once all their impeccable manners. In general, skeptical of newly met people, but has few friends .

Whitt Rabbit Edit

is the daughter of the White Rabbit from Alice in fairy tales Czarów.osobowość Whitt is a character who is never late to class . On Wednesday, returns home because it is a university which runs from Monday to Wednesday .

Melanie McMermaid Edit

Melanie McMermaid daughter stork with ariel personality NDK .

announced characters Edit

Briar Hatter Edit

the mad hatter's daughter, sister Madeline Madeline Hatter personality is lively , energetic and very friendly . Generally , interprets things more positively than they are in reality. The girl is very fond of tea and does not part with his kit to her and her companion with a cup , dormouse named Earl Grey . Maddie often speaks in riddles .

ania because peep Edit

the daughter of a small pastereczki

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